AMSE fellowships

A number of AMSE excellence fellowships are available for foreign students wanting to enrol in the Master Economics or in the Magistère Ingénieur Économiste programmes. To apply, all foreign students must :

  •     be a newcomer to Aix-Marseille University (i.e. have never studied at AMU before),
  •     and have obtained their last diploma abroad.

These are AMSE fellowships and will be awarded by an AMSE committee. The amounts of fellowships are 7500€ for MAG1 students, 7500€ for M1/MAG2 students, 8500€ for M2/MAG3 students.

Fellowships are paid in five installments starting from the month of November. Payments are conditional on attending all classes.

Latest date to apply is March 5, 2021 at 12pm CET French hour (midday, noon) for the academic year starting in September 2021. Student wishing to apply for the fellowship should send in a dossier containing:

This application should be sent by email in a single pdf to colette.turpin[at] before March 5, 2021.

Please use the following words in the subject matter of the email message: "AMSE fellowship MAG1”, “AMSE fellowship M1/MAG2” or “AMSE fellowship M2/MAG3” according to the objective of your application.

The application must include all the documents requested in a single .pdf file, following the order given above. The name of the file has to be: yourname_AMSE_fellowship_MAG1.pdf or yourname_AMSE_fellowship_M1/MAG2.pdf or yourname_AMSE_fellowship_M2/MAG3.pdf

Dossiers not complying with the above will not be processed.


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