AMSE ranking third in the DD EN TRANS competition

AMSE ranking third in the DD EN TRANS
Congratulations to Julieta Peveri, Elisa Mona Mera, Lisa Vernet and Cyril Dartigoeyte who presented their project QUIBD-EAU yestesday as part of their participation to the competition DD EN TRANS organised by Aix-Marseille University. The group is ranked third, among 21 projects, an excellent result. For information March 22 is the World Water Day proclaimed by the ONU (1993). With this project QUIBD-EAU, AMSE was one of the active stakeholders of this Day!

What is QUIBD-EAU? QUIBD-EAU is a project of extraction and treatment of water in Quibdo, a city in the West of Columbia, from where a student of the group is coming. The project was initially started within the framework of a pedagogic exercise with a view to giving the students an opportunity to confront operational realities. This project has already been presented to professionals from the Société du Canal de Provence, the Société Marseillaise des Eaux and the Pôle de Compétitivité Aquavalley, on February 21, 2018, at the school.

We are really happy to have succeed to promote solutions to real water issues faced in Quibdo, Colombia, through this project. We had the opportunity to present our work - made from scratch - to highly qualified professionals earlier this semester, and to top it all, the project reached with success the 3rd place in the DD en Trans competition. In  front of the dynamics growth, the role of sustainable development has been lagged but in the last decades , people around the world imagine another vision for the cities they want to inhabit: inclusive and accessible for all their citizens. In that sense, public goods have an angular role. In that context arises "Project Quibd-Eau - Quibd-Eau Team