Amse students skills

What our students can do for you?

Thanks to our training program, our students have the following skills and competencies:

  • up to date knowledge of economic theory and of statistical and econometric methods
  • relevant use of economic and statistical tools
  • capability to write and orally present in French as well as in English
  • team work skills, social and interpersonal know-how
  • project management skills

What kinf of job they can occupy in your company?

Graduates of Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) occupy jobs in France and abroad in major industrial or service sector companies, consulting firms, think tanks, NGOs, banks, insurance companies, economic forecasting institutions, French, european or international public institutions, education and research. Fields vary according to the chosen area of specialisation. Graduates of Aix-Marseille School of Economics find higher positions within companies and institutions. Some examples:

  • Data scientist / Data analyst
  • Economic analyst
  • Project analyst
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Statistician
  • Financial expert
  • Project engineer
  • Heath economist
  • Environment economist
  • Market finance professionals
  • Economist of development
  • Public policy analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Consultant
  • University lecturer
  • Researcher
  • etc

They studied at AMSE

  • Mathias ALCARAZ Conseiller Gestion Actions CREDIT AGRICOLE BRIE PICARDIE
  • Audry-Anne de UBEDA Assistante de recherches FERDI
  • Hagop BOGHAZDEKLIAN Data scientist EQUANCY
  • Juliette Le GALLO Chargé d’études économie de l’environnement IREEDD
  • César CLAVÉ Consultant-advanced analytics BUSINESS & DECISION GROUP
  • Yannick FLORES Data scientist DIGITAL VIRGO
  • Maryline MARTIN Reserving actuary SCOR
  • Andrea ZANIN Health economics & market access business analyst DELOITTE
  • Drifa BELHADI Senior Analyst-statistical analyst health economics & market access AMARIS
  • Khaked Ben Jemaa Data Manager INED
  • Caroline LEROY Responsable marketing digital UP’N BIZ
  • Vincent PERRIN Business intelligence director JANSSEN
  • Roman BOUGAITSOV Chargé d’études actuarielles Groupe PREVOIR
  • Atef BOUAZIZI Contrôleur de gestion industriel GROUPE COMECA
  • Fadila CAILLAUD Senior economist WORLD BANK (Banque Mondiale)
  • Eric HEYER Directeur adjoint du département analyse et prévision OFCE
  • Valérie ILARDI Chargée d’études CEREQ
  • Thibault LECA Exotic credit derivative trader SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE CIB
  • Eric HEYER Directeur adjoint du département analyse et prévision OFCE (Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques)
  • Sandrine Chambaretaud Responsable du Département Prospective et Innovation sociale MACIF-MUTUALITE
  • Thibault Leca Exotic Credit Derivative Trader SGCIB (Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking)
  • Julien Werlé Directeur des Ventes Région Méditerranée AIR FRANCE
  • Roman Bougaitsov Chargé d’études actuarielles GROUPE PREVOIR