Students on the move

AMSE programmes are open to student exchanges. AMSE strongly encourages student mobility; our students can spend a semester abroad, or year in double degree track. AMSE hosts a lot of international students for this academic year and nearly 40 different nationalities.

Bilingual teaching

The programme is bilingual and M1 and all M2 courses are taught in English. Bilingualism aims at strengthening the internationalization of our students' recruitment, opening the doors of the global job market and meeting employers expectations.

Double diplomas

We propose 2  double degrees of Master Economics with the University of Konstanz and with the University of Tubingen. How to apply?

Step 1: before February 15, 2021
Gather the following in a single pdf file: detailed CV, latest transcript, cover letter written in French and certification of your level of English (or letter from your English teacher). Name your pdf «YOUR FULLNAME_application DD konstanz» or «YOUR FULLNAME_application DD Tübingen» and send it to before February 15, 2021 (8:00am CET), the subject of the email must be: «YOUR FULLNAME_application DD konstanz» or «YOUR FULLNAME_application DD Tübingen».
Incomplete applications will not be considered and no additional time will be granted.

Step 2: before March 15, 2021
If your application is successful (you will be informed at the end of February), you will have to make your «Moveon» file and submit it to the FEG International Relations Department as for the other ERASMUS destinations on FEG agreements.

Step 3: before May 15, 2021
You will have to think about registering on "E-candidat" application platform and attach all the documents required for your application.