Fast-Track program

Fast-Track program : a university diploma of Advanced Studies in Economics

The Fast Track Programme, which begun in 2013-2014, is addressed to students wishing to reinforce or broaden their knowledge of economics in view of admission to the doctoral program. The programme is addressed also to professional economists wishing to consolidate their knowledge in economics. To be eligible for the Fast Track Program, candidates must have successfully completed five years of university education. The Fast Track Program allows students to take courses of their choice taken from the entire set of courses offered in the Master and Doctoral programs at Aix-Marseille School of Economics; list of courses must be approved by the head of the programme. Fast Track students are also allowed to attend seminars and participate to all other scientific events taking place at AMSE.

The working language of the Fast Track Program is English. The programme has duration of one year from the beginning of September to the end of July. During this year students are required to take seven courses of 24 hours from among those offered by the Master's programme, pass the corresponding exams, write and defend a thesis. The course load for Fast Track students is lighter than that required for Master's students. This is because Fast Track students have to write a more demanding thesis than Master's students. This structure allows Fast Track students to consolidate and expand their knowledge of economics without subtracting time from their research plans. Upon successful completion of the programme students receive a University Diploma titled “Advanced Studies in Economics”.

Fast Track students wishing to apply for admission to the AMSE doctoral programme will face the same selection process as Amse Master students.

Students in the Fast Track Programme program are eligible for fellowships.

Head of Fast-Track program is Prof. Federico Trionfetti

Fact and figures

  • 2013-2014: Four students admitted to the Fast Track programme, of which two applied to the doctoral programme and have been admitted; one of them admitted to doctoral programme with fellowship, the other without.
  • 2104-2015: Eight students admitted to the Fast Track programme, of which four where suitable for admission to the doctoral programme but only two of them applied here and both have been admitted to it with fellowship. One of the other two has been admitted to the doctoral programme at Barcelona Graduate Studies, the other decided not to pursue doctoral studies.
  • 2015-2016: Eight students admitted to the Fast Track, of which four have applied to the doctoral programme and three have been admitted.

Admission rules

If you intend to apply and have administrative or practical question (such has housing, cost of living, etc) please have a look at our student guide (box right). You may also contact Mr Trionfetti at the address below, he will be happy to respond to your questions. Students wishing to enrol in the Fast Track program should send the documents listed below by email to Federico Trionfetti and to Caroline Camous by May 14, 2017 at 4 GMT.
Please write "Fast Track application" in the subject matter of the email message. List of documents:

  • a one-page motivation letter,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • records of marks obtained in the last semesters or last year of study (no need to translate the original documents).

Dossier not complying with the above will not be processed.
Applicants will receive a response within seven days after the deadline. However, we process application as they arrive and we typically respond within two weeks from the day we receive the application even if this is in early spring 2017.

Enrolment fees are of 455,10 € for students and 1055,10 € for continuing education, and are paid at the beginning of the academic year.


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