Training programs


We propose a multidisciplinary training programme. At Aix-Marseille School of Economics, you can train in different fields centered on our areas of expertise and addressing important ssues and analytic tools. Graduates can access to immediate employment (high school degree+5) or consider a PhD.


  • Magistère ingénieur économiste (prerequisite: high school diploma + 120 ects)/ Magistère students are trained to the big data specific tools, and to key complementary areas such as data mining and machine learning.
  • Master Economics (prerequisite: Bachelor's degree, 180 ects) jointly accredited by AMU, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Ecole Centrale Marseille
  • DESU Data science for practitionners
  • PhD programme

Bilingual teaching

The programme is bilingual and almost all master 2 courses are taught in English. Bilingualism aims at:

  • strengthening the internationalization of our students' recruitment,
  • opening the doors of the global job market to our students,
  • meeting employers' expectations.

Our bilingual teaching is a real asset in meeting the challenges of your future professional life.

Training on Big Data, a usefull programme for dealing with changes in the economy and society

Our curriculum is now expanded by a Big Data programme for dealing with changes in the economy and society. Big data is a strongly developing industry. To make the best use of these extraordinary volumes of data, whatever their nature (numbers, texts, images, videos, etc), companies have to integrate new skills. In order to meet employers needs and expectations, we will provide our students with advanced professional skills for the treatment and the analysis of voluminous data. Thanks to courses and conferences given by highly skilled professionals, the program trains our students and gives them additional training in computer science, IT languages, big data specific tools (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, MapReduce, etc), statistics, econometrics and in key complementary areas such as data mining and machine learning.


Key scientific events

We strongly invite our students to take part in high level scientific gatherings throughout the year, side by side with economists from around the globe. For example: the journées Louis André Gérard-Varet (LAGV), the most important conference on public economics in Europe. To read more about next scientific events, please follow this link.