High school students

High school certificate, an access to higher education

The High school certificate ends the upper secondary education cycle. It gives an access for continuying your studies and opens the door of the university and of the preparatory classes of french grandes écoles. Please visit these websites providing key information regarding entry to higher education :

You wish to join AMSE

To join AMSE, you must hold the following diploma:

  • Either a high school degree + a 2-year diploma granted by a university or a preparatory class in order to join the magistère engineer economist, which enables students to validate 3 diplomas over 3 years of studying (Licence (3-year degree), master (5-year degree) and magistère engineer economist (5-year degree),
  • Either a high school degree + a 3-year diploma granted by a university to join the 1st year of the master degree and reach the master degree (5-year diploma) in 2 years,
  • Either a a high school degree + a 5-year degree to enroll the PhD programme and reach the post graduate education level