Etudiants internationaux : accueil et règles pour entrer sur le territoire français

  • AMU has implemented an online platform for international students to help you with administrative procedures before your arrival: LivinFrance.
  • A welcome desk will be also open, from the 30th of August to the 24th of September, to help with administrative procedures if needed.
  • You can also download the handbook 2021-22 for international students.
  • As of today, the academic year starting in September 2021 is scheduled to begin on site. Wearing masks will be mandatory, including during classes. This will ensure safe sanitary conditions. Students will have to use their own masks. In the event of a new wave of the pandemic, pedagogical continuity will be ensured remotely for registered students. 
  • The rules for entering the metropolitan French territory are available here We recommend to international students to visit this website regularly. Since July 21st 2021, students from countries classified as “RED” by the French government are now allowed to come to France as long as they are able to present a complete vaccination passport recognised by Europe.
  • We also draw your attention on the fact that starting from 1st of August, a health passport (full vaccination QR code or negative test proof) will be necessary to access to several public establishments (restaurants, theaters, etc).