Newsletter AMSE - Décembre 2020

Newsletter Décembre 2020

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p. 2 - Research on COVID-19
Ongoing research on Covid-19 at AMSE, by AMSE members

p. 6 - Research Highlights
• Weather shocks, by Ewen Gallic
• The curse of knowledge: access to customer information can reduce monopoly profits, by Didier Laussel
• God insures those who pay? Formal insurance and religious offerings in Ghana, by Eva Raiber
• Weight gains from trade in foods: evidence from Mexico, by Lorenzo Rotunno

p. 14 - Amse school
• Our double degree with the University of Konstanz, by Elisabeth Barthélemy
• Annual Career Day, a one-day online event focused on internships and jobs, by Elisabeth Barthélemy

p. 18 - Interview
Laurent Simula, Chairman of the Economics Section of Ecole Normale supérieure de Lyon