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Roemer, Master 2 and Magistère 3, 2017/2018

I joined the AMSE after doing 2 years of “classe préparatoire” Cachan D2 in Dijon, and I must say that it is a great choice for my academic interests: quantitative economics. As a Magistère student, the first year was very broad, reviewing the basics (but not only) of all the different branches of economics. Then, after a semester on Erasmus exchange in Helsinki, I started my pre-specialization in econometrics during Masters 1, which is now my full specialization in Masters 2. Throughout the Magistère our courses are supplemented with data analysis classes. These are a great way to discover the current issue of Big Data, and to give us the digital tools that we need to analyze and manipulate it. It was thanks to a teacher at AMSE that I landed an internship at the Insee during my first year of Magistère, which was a great first professional experience.


Abhijit, Master 1 2015 2016

Before joining AMSE, I completed my bachelor’s degree in economics at St. Xavier’s College (an autonomous institution) in Mumbai. In my final year of undergraduate studies I applied to several institutions across Europe for admissions into a graduate programme in Economics. I successfully got a letter of acceptance from Central European University in Budapest, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Sciences Po in Paris, and of course, AMSE. Up until July I thought I would definitely be joining the Central European University, as they had offered me a place at their university with a full tuition scholarship. However, in July, I received an offer of admission from AMSE and that changed everything. Read more +